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What I’ve been doing for the past week

The crying part especially


Michael Grab has mastered the art of stone balancing. He explains how he does it. “The most fundamental element of balancing in a physical sense is finding some kind of “tripod” for the rock to stand on. Every rock is covered in a variety of tiny to large indentations that can act as a tripod for the rock to stand upright, or in most orientations you can think of with other rocks. By paying close attention to the feeling of the rocks, you will start to feel even the smallest clicks as the notches of the rocks in contact are moving over one another. In the finer point balances, these clicks can be felt on a scale smaller than millimeters. Some point balances will give the illusion of weightlessness as the rocks look to be barely touching. Parallel to the physical element of finding tripods, the most fundamental non-physical element is harder to explain through words. In a nutshell, I am referring to meditation, or finding a zero point or silence within yourself. Some balances can apply significant pressure on your mind and your patience. The challenge is overcoming any doubt that may arise.”

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white lady and a duck in a rap battle

that is a swan…



white lady and a duck in a rap battle

that is a swan…



friend-zoning guys is horrible. it is disgusting. funzone them instead. send them to a small childs park so they can cry with the other babies when they dont get what they want.

Ugh, no don’t let them into funzone. They’ll claim that they’re the “real intended audience” and complain that some of the slides don’t cater to the body of an adult male and start filling the ball pit with porn of themselves dating and fucking the ball pit.

What the hell is this talking about?…

Uniting Vulture Culture!



I’m trying to create a master post for Vultures to connect with others in their local communities. If you are a vulture (or even just interested in the art of bones, pelts, skulls, etc!) and would like to share, please re-blog with your location. 

I’m Sarah and I’m from Portland, Oregon. 

I’m Eimhear from Antrim, Ireland

I’m Steve from Fishkill, New York

Remember when I was into school?…

Yeah, now, not so much…